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Testimonial of Infertiliy


NO. Name – age - address Diagnosis
1 Mrs. Rashmi 29 years/ Sardar Faliya – Rajpipla, Dist Broach Stress Causing Anovulation
2 Mr. Pradeep and Mrs.Versha Patel vago, nadiyad. Psychological Blocks Causing Infertility
3 Mrs. Raxa Mehta 29 yrs/ Karelibaug Baroda Infertility - 6 years of marriage life – Oligospermia / Bilateral varicocele
4 Mrs. Prerana Shah, 31 yrs, Race course circle, Baroda Infertility -9 years of marriage life, Pelvic inflammatory disorder
5 Mrs. Chetana joshi, 29 years, Sharadnagar, Tarsali, Baroda Infertility 6 years - Oligomenorrhea and Secondary amenorrhea
6 Mrs. Sakina Yakub Patel, 32 years, Broach Infertility of 7 years duration, Secondary Amenorrhea-Pituitary adenoma- hyperprolactinamia.
7 More than 35 couples – different age from 29 to 39 years of age Want to have male child.- sex selection


Testimonials Fertility Treatment

Short Details - (only relevant)- details of any case can be held on request

CASE 1 – Case Of Stress Causing Anovulation

Rashmi 29 years matriculate and coming form middle class socioeconomic condition was brought to me by my staff member for infertility of 5 ½ years of marriage life. I saw the previous investigation and treatment reports. Almost all investigating reports were normal except her sonography - follicular study showed non ovulation. She was mainly treated for anovulation for more than 12 months by different infertility specialists. Different protocols were used and 3 times IUI was done, but did not conceive.

Taking her history I found Rashmi was married to middle class socioeconomic condition matriculate salesman Ranjeeet. Ranjeet used to go for work at 9 am was return at home back at 9 pm. No weekly off from job. They hardly had time to enjoy. Rashmi’s mother in law was overpowering and quarrelsome. For whole day she used to take heavy work from Rashmi. Rashmi used to get tired from whole day work. Ranjeet also used to get exhausted when coming home at evening. Rashmi had two elder sister and both came back after divorce to father’s place. As Rashmi’s elder two sisters were divorced, there was mental pressure on Rashmi to obey and always trying to please mother in law, in guise that she does not get divorce. These was producing much and constant mental pressure on Rashmi. She had no friend and no other way to enjoyment. She did not have noon rest or time to watch TV. Almost always or alternate week end her sister in law and her children used to come for staying and Rashmi had to take care of them.


I found that this is the case of psychological anovulation. Combined approach of all alternative medicines was strated. But mainly stress was put on hypnotherapy sessions. We can not change mother in law or her nature. We can not tell her to change and she will not believe our advice also. Only thing left for us is to change Rashmi, which we can do easily by hypnotherapy. 8 sessions of hypnotherapy at interval of 20 to 30 days was given. Every time Ranjeet was kept during hypnotherapy sessions. And for some programme he was also included in hypnotherapy. CD recording was given to play and observe at home. From second session mark improvement was noted in Rashmi. Rashmi became cheerful and enjoyable mood. She was able to handle her mother in law very well now and in turn her mother in law’s attitude towards Rashmi also changed. Now both husband and wife were in good correlation and mood.


On 10 months of treatment Rashmi conceived. Four session of hypnotherapy was given during antenatal period. She delivered at full term female child.




CASE 2 – Case Of Psychological Blocks Causing Infertility


Pradeep 36 years was post graduate in commerce and stenographer working in one multinational company, coming from low socioeconomic class. His father was local municipal worker and had mother and two younger sister in family. Since his college days Pradeep had to do part time job to support family. Pradeep was Good looking, handsome, with pleasing personality, very hard working, sincere, honest and meticulous. From start of his multinational company job he was liked by his colleague and officers.


To assist his officer he was visiting his house often and then was helping officer’s family in their household work and purchase of grocery. Officers has only daughter – Versha – 22 years. Pradeep used to assist her in study and was dropping and picking up for her college occasionally. Slowly they developed love and with resentment, parents gave consent to marriage. Marriage was done with grand ceremony. When they married Padeep was 30 and Versha was 26. As Pradeep was from lower socioeconomic class and versha was only daughter, predeep was now staying at in-law’s place. Both Pradeep and Versha were caring much for each other and Pradeep never used to displease Versha on any issues.


They was brought to me by Pradeep’s mother in law that after 6 years of marriage (Padeep was 36 and Versha was 32) for treatment of infertility. I saw they were investigated and treated by various infertility specialists, exhaustively for infertility. All infertility investigation was normal and was treated on different protocols - but no result.


I took versha for examination - she was reluctant for vaginal examination. I advised post coital test. And told them to go to deluxe room of hospital and have sex relation and come back after one hour. On this advise both became anxious and had feared and showed typical bodily reaction. They were not ready to go in deluxe room. I told them ok, you do sex relation at home and come to hospital in one hour. They did not turn up for two months. The mother in law called me to know the progress of the couple. And I told them they had not come for post coital test.


Mother in law came with couple. I interviewed couple one by one for psychoanalysis. On detailed interviewed Pradeep revealed that on first day of marriage night I tried for sex relation. But versha never opened her nicker in front of Pradeep – on first day she only slight lowered her nicker and immediately took up. Pradeep discussed this with his good friend. His good friend told him that you are impotent. And you will not be able to do sex relation any time. On this words Pradeep thought really so. These words engraved on his mind and then from that day he never attempted for intercourse. They only had for play but never intercourse. Versha was very orthodox. She hardly, for few minutes only, removes her nicker that too only for change at bath. Otherwise she does not remove her nicker at any time. She never believed that intercourse is necessary for getting pregnant.

It took me six sittings – from explaining physiology to psychology – role of women hood and male person in world - to make then understand. I also had three hypnotherapeutic sessions and I gave CD recording to hear at home. Both were very cordial and cooperative during all sittings and were very punctual. They had complete satisfaction of my treatment. On 5th months of Versha conceived and delivered at full term normally male child. That child at present two and half year and versha is again pregnant.



Case 3 – A Case Of Oligospermia / Bilateral Varicocele

Mrs. Raxa Mehta 29 yrs/ Karelibaug Baroda, Infertility - 6 years of marriage life – Oligospermia / Bilateral vericocele – Mrs. Raxa And Mr. Jatin approached me for infertility for 6 years duration. They had taken treatment at 3 infertility specialists. Mrs. Raxa had undergone almost all infertility investigation, including ovulation study, diagnostic laproscopy - all were normal and nothing particular. Mr. Jatin had oligospermia- sperm count less than 20 million/ motility grade1/ morphology abnormality in 30% of sperms. On Color Doppler study, he was diagnosed as bilateral vericocele grade 3. He was advised to under go surgery for which he was reluctant. They had undergone IUI for 6 cycles but failure.

I started homeopathic, ayurvedic, naturopathic, biochemic line of treatment with sex advice and to report every two months. On fourth month patient missed period- on tenth day urine pregnancy test revealed positive. Antenatal period was smooth and she normal delivered healthy male child on due date



Case 4 – A Case Of Pelvic Inflammatory Disorder


Mrs. Prerana Shah, 31 yrs, Race course circle, Baroda- Infertility -9  years of marriage life, Pelvic inflammatory disorder – Mrs. Prerana Shah had 9 years of marriage life. She had conceived soon after marriage on second month but they did not wanted child at that time and went for medical termination of pregnancy. After two years they stared trying for pregnancy but did not conceive. One and half years of that, they approached Ob/gyn specialist. They under went all investigations. Husband semen exam normal Ovulation sonography study was showing normal. On diagnostic laproscopy she had multiple adhesions in pelvic cavity. Laproscopic adhsiolysis was done. But again for 2 years of trying she could not conceive. Like that they changed 4 infertility specialists. IUI for 6 times, on various protocols were also done.

She approached me. I started conventional medicine, ayurvedic, homeopathic, naturopathic, biochemic and rackii line of treatment on 3 rd months she conceived. But she had abortion at 9 weeks of pregnancy. I further started same types of medicine and again she conceived after 4 months of treatment. This time two sittings of positive hypnotherapy suggestions were given at 6 weeks of pregnancy. She had uneventful full term delivery of male child. The child is at present (2008 September), 3 ½ years of age and she is again pregnant - 22 weeks of pregnancy.



Case 5 – A Case Of Oligomenorrhea And Secondary Amenorrhea


Mrs. Chetana joshi, 29 years, Sharadnagar, Tarsali, Baroda - Infertility 6 years - Oligomenorrhea and Secondary amenorrhea – Mrs. Chetana Joshi came to me for secondary amenorrhea of 9 months duration. She had history Oligomenorrhea from menarche- start of puberty. Since start scanty menses for 1 or 2 days at every 3 to 4 months. Married at age of 23years.  She was treated previously by two infertility specialist using various hormone and ovulatory protocols for 3 years. She used to have regular menstruation till she got hormonal treatment. But as treatment stopped she had no periods. She came to me by reference of one successful patient. First I started with homeopathy, ayurvedic, naturopathic drugs for 5 months. She had improvement in her other general symptoms like reduction in wt, no headache, good and cheerful mood etc. Then I started hormonal and ovulatory drugs. I gave hypnotic positive suggestions during this period. She conceived after 4 months of treatment.

Hormonal line to treatment was continued for another 4 months i.e. in first trimester and alternative medicines till end of antenatal period. Elective LSCS was done for oligohydramios at 36 weeks of pregnancy. Both mother and child were in good health.

After 5 months of postnatal period she had normal menses. She conceived again after 14 months of first delivery. This time only supportive medicine. This baby was delivered again by LSCS. In Sep 2008 first daughter is 5 ½ years and second son 3 ½ years of age. All are in sound health.



Case 6 – A Case Of Secondary Amenorrhea-Pituitary Adenoma- Hyperprolactinamia


Mrs. Sakina Yakub Patel, 32 years, Broach, Infertility of 7 years duration, Secondary Amenorrhea-Pituitary adenoma- hyperprolactinamia. This patient came to me in year 1984. With H/O secondary amenorrhea – 9 months duration. Laboratory investigation revealed serum prolactin 131mcgm / ml.


At that time(1984) bromocriptine was not available in INDIA, which they procured from UK. Tab Parlodel 2.5 mgm 3/day, for 6 weeks was given. During this time she had twice normal period but then she did not had period. Patient came to me after 12 weeks which time on p/v exam I found that she is pregnant. Whole antenatal period was uneventful LSCS was done baby girl was delivered.

Again after 2 ½ years (1987) of this same patient came again with c/o amenorrhea and she wanted to have pregnancy. Serum prolactine this time was 151mcgm/ml. again tab parlodel 2.5 mgm 3/day for 3 months given and after 2 normal periods she conceived again. Full term LSCS was done healthy baby girl was delivered.

Again after 2 ¾ years (1990) same story repeated. . Full term LSCS was done healthy baby girl was delivered.

After having 3 daughters patient wanted to have son.

Same story repeated. Full term LSCS was done healthy baby boy was delivered.

First daughter is at present 23 years of age, happily married and has one female child. Second is 21 years, third is 18 years, fourth son is 14 years of age. All are very healthy and cheerful and good in study. Patient is at present-(sep 2008), 55years of age and in good health but taking alternative medicines as required.



Cases – A Case Of Want To Have Male Child.





More than 35 couples – different age from 29 to 39 years of age, Want to have male child.
Females are XX genotype while males are XY genotype. All female ovum contains X gene while male semen contains two types of genes X and Y sperms. When female X unite with male X, result is female child, while female X unite with male Y , result is male child.


So there are equal chances of getting male or female child. Then what determines male conceptions or female conceptions? Strength of X and Y sperms and internal reproductive environment of female partner determines union of female X ovum with male X or Y sperm.


X sperms are heavy in weight, they survive in acid, they have long life, they travel at less speed and they are stronger- in adverse circumstances they survive. While Y sperms are low weight, they die in acid, they have short life, they travel at more speed and they are weaker- in adverse circumstances they die.

These characteristics are utilized for conceptions for desired sex child. Desired strength of Y sperms and internal reproductive environment of female partner at time of conception can be made favorable to get male child. With 98% of accuracy couples have been given guidance for getting male child

Dr Prakash Shah (Ahmedabad – Gujarat – INDIA)
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