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Patients name and age

Diagnosis of chronic disease


Mrs. Nilam santosh vadwale, 24 years, residing in Boston USA

Extensive inhomogeneous pneumonia- right lower lobe of lung, thickening of interstitial and bronchovascular marking


Mr. Jatin shah, 28 years ,Residing at Ghadiali pole, Baroda, INDIA

Severe jaundice since last 3 months – now Hepatic coma,


Mr. Twinkle shah, 34 years, Staying at Los Angeles USA,

Sever pain in right hypochondriac region, vomiting and malaise, case of Gall bladder stone,


Maulik shah,Son of My sister,
14th years of age

Proliferative Interstitial and glomerular nephritis, KIDNEY FAILURE


Miss Sanjida, 4 ½ years, Daughter And Mother  Rizwana salim pathan,

Irregular child behaviors’-( mother had infertility – coitus problem - vaginismus)


Mr. Mudgel, 54 years,

Angina pectoris,


Mrs. Rama Jain, 43 years

constitutional disturbance


Mr.Umesh Ranchhodbhai Parekh - Mangal Bazar Baroda - India

Multiple Problems – Chronic Disease


Mr Rahim Husain Lakhani,  Fattehwadi,  Sarkekhej,  Sanand High Way,  Ahmedabad.




Mrs. Nilam santosh vadwale, 24 years, residing in Boston USA on H1 visa from India, H/O Continuous wheezing cough, fever and malaise since 4 week, Patient’s husband approached me at 10=00 pm on 7th may 2004 for his wife. And gave history that his wife is in comatose state, have high fever and cyanosis.

On 23rdMarch 2004 (he had all relevant paper with him),  at Boston USA, she was diagnosed as Extensive inhomogeneous pneumonia- right lower lobe of lung, thickening of interstitial and bronchovascular marking ( x-ray report from Boston).
Patient was on high antibiotics and management. But she did not improve on 26th March 04, (x-ray report from Boston).
They came to INDIA on 29th March 2004, started care under Pulmonary Specialist. On 14th April 2004 she had worsened – x-ray, (non resolving tuberculous and pyogenic pneumonia), Widal test positive, C T Scan showed bronchitis obliterance and pneumonitis – enlarged mediastinal lymphnoes.

She was admitted in Multy Specialty Hospital in Baroda but no improvement. Pt was worsening. She was advised to take to Bombay for surgical treatment on sixth day. Relatives took discharge.

Pt’s husband approached me at 10=00 pm on 7th may 2004 I started homeopathic and rackii treatment. And with in 24 hours, she started fast recovering. On 13th May 2004, she had no cyanosis, no fever, feeling better, can communicate well and had improved appetite. On 17th may she was absolutely normal, good appetite and feeing much better, could go out.

I treated her for further 1 ½ month. They went back to Boston USA on 7th July 2004. Completely healthy and then she never had cold or fever even during cold stormy weather.

Mr. Jatin shah, 28 years ,Residing at Ghadiali pole, Baroda, Severe jaundice since last 3 months – now Hepatic coma,
Patient is staying just next to my street. His father is family medical practioners. He had jaundice since last 6 weeks. Initially he was treated by physician. But for 25 days no improvement. So he was admitted to multispecialty hospital. He was under extensive treatment but no improvement, all laboratory investigations were worsening. Sr bilirubin which was 5.2 increased to 15, SGPT 1225 to 2545, SGOT from 560 to 1400. He went in to hepatic coma on 5th week. He remained in coma for 5 days and now there were no hopes for survival.

As his father was medical practioners so I had good contact. He was unaware of my interest in alternative practice.
When I knew; I offered him to I treat your son by homeopathy. He replied, when his end is certain what difference will it make whatever you do.

I stared homeopathic and rackii line of treatment. On 3rd day he started responding from coma, on 6th day he was feeing better and oral liquid was given. All laboratory investigation came down on 9th day.

He was on full diet on 18th day and absolutely normal of 37th day. I had also stared ayurvedic line of treatment from 18th day.

Mr. Twinkle shah, 34 years, Staying at Los Angeles USA, Sever pain in right hypochondriac region, vomiting and malaise, case of Gall bladder stone,  Pt had severe pain in abdomen, vomiting, frequency of stool, severe malaise for 3 days, he went to Specialty Hospital in Los Angeles USA. Diagnosis of gall bladder stone was established. Expectant line of treatment was given, he was settled. He was advised to under go cholecystectomy at earliest.

His wife told me history after 5 days on phone. I said wait for 10 days and I am sending you medicine from INDIA.
I gave him homeopathic, ayurvedic, naturopathic medicine and diet advice.

Within 20 days he became absolutely alright, subsequent sonography revealed no gall stone.

Now 1 ½ years has passed he is asymptomatic and no other complain.

Maulik shah,Son of My sister, case of Proliferative Interstitial and glomerular nephritis, KIDNEY FAILURE
This is the case of Master Maulik - a 10 years old male child. In 1995 his complaints began after he had been sick for some time and his parents noticed that he had developed some swelling on both legs. Urine revealed high amounts of protein. He was referred to a Nephrologist who, after all investigations, diagnosed him as having Nephrotic Syndrome. He was put on cyclosporine and steroids. For about 6 years he continued to have increased swelling that had spread to his abdomen and face too. He would get 3-4 acute exacerbations of the condition in a year in spite of being on high dose of steroids. He would develop swelling all over the body and his urine would become turbid. The albumin in the urine would become ++++ at such times. Apart from this he would also get frequent colds during which his urine albumin would start increasing again. Nephrologists advised for kidney biopsy which was not consented presently by relative.

Nephrologists' told that eventually he will need a transplant. They told that there is no cure yet. He will die too young. Prognosis is very grave.

Do not suffer from chronic diseases for yourself or in your family and get total cure to remove root cause of disease. Tremendous suffering could be avoided, but people don't know the right method.

At this time I started the homoeopathic treatment, he was on a high dosage of steroids daily along with a diuretic. Homoeopathic medicines were given based on his symptomatology only (as I did not know much about all aspects of homeopathy) I gave him Apis, Ars - one dose each and after one month Mercurius and Lycopodium one dose each. Bio-chemic Natrum Mur 6X and Ferum Phos 6X twice a day for 15 days was also given. Then biochemic was advised to take as soon as signs of cold appears. Nephrologist was unaware that he is under homeopathic treatment. I used to advice my sister that you should be under constant care of Nephrologists.

Within 3 months there was good improvement in his condition. Now he was on reduced dosage of steroids. He would not get colds as frequently as before and there was improvement in his overall health after commencing homoeopathic treatment. My sister reported that it's the first time in all these years that we have been able to reduce the dosage of steroids and still he continues to improve. They were glad about opting for homoeopathic treatment because steroids would give his son only temporary relief and lots of side-effects, of which they were not even aware previously.

By the end of 6 months of treatment he did very well and his drugs' dosage and steroids had been lowered by Nephrologist. Nephrologist was surprised that he was doing so well in spite of being on such a low dose of the medication. Now Maulik would not require as frequent visits to Nephrologist as before and he would need to see him only once in about 3 months. Overall he did well with the treatment. The response in his case was positive in a very short period of time. They were much surprised for the treatment which he had to continue for long time since this disorder started.

At about 12 months of starting homeopathic treatment all drugs - homeopathic and allopathic were stopped, as he was cured of all symptoms and no albumin in urine.

Today Mr Maulik is 29 years old and he enjoys good health. He is not taking any allopathic or homeopathic medicine for as long as 10 years except when he feels starting of cold symptom, I have advised him to take biochemic - Natrum Mur 6x and Ferum Phos 6x as required.

Miss Sanjida, 4 ½ years, Daughter of Rizwana  salim pathan, Irregular child behaviors’-( mother had infertility – coitus problem)

These whole families are my regular patients and visit me frequently.
Rizwana had infertility for 3 years of marriage life. Her all investigations were normal except that her post coital test revealed no sperms after coitus. I found sever veganism’s, Which was corrected by homeopathic treatment and sex therapy. within 3 months only she conceived

This child – Sanjida - was delivered at my clinic by LSCS.
There after mother had another LSCS at my clinic and had male child.

In last May 2008, mother had appointment at my clinic for her menstrual problem but they came very late after 5 hours of appointment, while asking the reason, they told Sanjida had appointment with neurophysician, as since last 2 years, she is behaving very irregularly- always weeping, crying, not going to nursery, restless, does not eat home food, irritable, violent, hits her head with wall, does not answer properly, daily bed wetting. We are all tired and much worried. Since last 1 ½ years, she is under treatment of pediatrician, psychiatrist and now under neurophysician. She was treated by antipsychotic/ anti-anxiety drugs,( all investigation and her EEG is normal), but without any difference.

During last 2 years all family including this child visited me frequently but they did not complained about this child. The father and mother told, sir, you are ob/gyn specialists so we thought that this is not your subject so when we were coming to you, we use to keep Sanjida out of your consulting office, otherwise she will disturb you.

I stared her homeopathic, ayurvedic and naturopathic drugs and child had surprising improvement within 15 days only.

Again after one month in July 2008, all family visited me and they all are satisfied. Sanjida’s behaviors’ are normal and goes to school. Bed wetting has also stopped.
  CASE NO 6– Stress Causing Anovulation
Mr. Mudgel, 54 years, Angina pectoris,
Pt is very close friend of mine since last 20 years. In July 2000, he had sever  pain on left side of chest, sensation that heart would burst, dysponea and violent palpitation, pale, sever perspiration, uncomfortable sensation at pit of stomach, suffocation and full throbbing carotids in neck. His wife called me, I was out of Baroda. I advised him to get admitted at ICCU. Diagnosis of angina pectoris was established and right line of allopathic treatment started. Cardiac monitoring changes were suggesting grave prognosis.

I saw him after 12 hours on my return to Baroda. Immediately I started all alternative therapy even when he was in ICCU. After 24 hours, after 48 hours and after 7 days he showed remarkable and unbelievable improvement. All allopathic cardiac drugs were stopped after 15 days.After 2 months he had normal trade mill test. And till then, even today, he is absolutely normal, every year or two, undergoing TMT which comes normal.

Mrs. Rama Jain, 43 years just visited my hospital to see one Vaginal Hysterectomy patients. I noticed that she had multiple problems and just on asking how are you? Does your heath alright? Then immediately started crying and stared narrating her problems. – A case of constitutional disturbance.( like this many people suffer unnecessarily for want of simple treatment)

On general condition she had great debility, irregular pigmentation on face, around eyes or on other parts of body. Some of the female characteristics diminished. Hairy irregular growth on face, both legs and on abdomen, limbs looks flabby, obese and old, breast shriveled; neurasthenia of various nerves- backache/calf pain/headache... dyspeptic troubles, Uterus is enlarged and hard. Urinary problems- incontinence/frequency/burning, she also had Irregular menstruation- too frequent, excessive and always leucorrhoea, mental moral and physical deterioration and degradation, once good natured is now irritable and miserable. She consulted reputed three different specialists within five and half years of suffering but never get well. Such patients suffer from constitutional disturbance and for them alternative medicine works marvelous. This patient was given three months of homeopathic and herbal medicine. Within 15 days she started feeling well and after 6 months almost cured.

CASE NO 7  Multiple Problems – Chronic Disease
I am 56 years doing business in shop. Since last 20 years I had one by one problem with my body. I suffered with Frozen Shoulder – Rt Knee Arthritis – Obesity – Insomnia – Head Ache – Hypertension – Odema over Feet- Constipation. I was never at peace. I took treatment from various specialists and super specialist in last 20 years. It was really costly to me – many laboratory investigations, x-rays, various types of treatment and then drug reaction. I have never felt relaxed I was feeling that I am getting worse and worse inspite of taking regular treatment from various specialists’. One of my relatives advised to contact Dr Prakash Shah for treatment. I knew Dr Prakash Shah since last 15 years but I never realized about his treatment method of combined method of all alternative medicines. I, when first time, approached, I immediately felt relaxed by his way of communication and had intrusion that I will get my cure from here – here is my destination of cure. I took his treatment for 8 months very judiciously. I had Combined approach of all alternative medicine - homeopathy / ayurvedic / naturopathic/ rackii/ biochemic/ hypnosis... I had regular hypnotherapy session and I used to hear CD given to me almost daily.  Just with start of treatment in one month I was at peace. Most of my symptoms intensity was reduced to 25% to 50%. Now after 8 months of treatment I am able to sleep well, my constipation has absolutely gone and now I am very well at stool, I have no headache, right knee is absolutely fine, mark improvement in frozen shoulder, no Odema over feet, hypertension has improved - at present just taking one tab amlodiapin and atenolol in morning only. Most of medication is not there at present, I am so happy, you just don’t know. Not only these but I have mark improvement in my mental strength and now I am cheerful, I also had very pleasant 15 days pilgrimage tour in last month. I have never felt more relaxed and enjoyed then present. I am of the opinion that combined approach of all alternative medicines is best for treating any physical disease. I can very boldly say any one to go for this type of treatment only.

Mr. Umesh Ranchhodbhai Parekh - Mangal Bazar Baroda - India
  CASE NO 7  Psoriasis  

I am Rahim Husain Lakhani 35 years. I am working on lath machine since last 20 years I had history of tuberculosis of lung when I was 7 years old.  Which was cured by taking medicines for 1 years then.

From 11 years of age I had started skin problem over my chest and then it spread all over body in 6 to 8 months. This was diagnosed as psoriasis after 1 year by senior skin experts. I also had eczema about 3” to 5“size on left foot. I had taken treatment from various skin specialists as well as ayurvedic, homeopathic and many doctors you can think of.
I had petroleum jelly, various ointments - creams containing coal tar, anthralin, steroid and the biologic drug. Phototherapy and ultraviolet radiation was also given to me. My disease become resistant to therapy and at times causes aggressive reactions of the condition. I was advised for treatment with anti cancerous drugs but I refused as cost was also prohibiting. Now I was totally exhausted from all aspects of life. I was told to experience flares and remissions throughout my life. My psoriasis requires lifelong therapy. I also did many rituals and religious methods to cure my psoriasis. I thought no cure in this life and disease will go with me to my funeral.

I was told by me near relative to consult Dr Prakash Shah. As usual I was hesitant as I had no cure by many specialists so  how Dr Prakash Shah would cure me? But even than with hesitancy I started his treatment. I was reluctant to pay his fees also.  On 10 Jan 2009, I  started treatment.  He gave me all alternative medicines (homeopathy / ayurvedic / naturopathic/ rackii/ biochemic/ hypnosis. on second visit after 2 months my 70% of the problem was solved. My psoriasis was melting like ice on heat. There was marked reduction on my eczema also. I continued his treatment for 6 months. Not only I have cure of all my skin problem by I am more confident and really in enjoyment of life which I never had since my childhood. Now I very confidently, advice all my relatives and friends, to go for combined approach of all alternative medicine for any of their chronic disease.

Mr Rahim Husain Lakhani,  Fattehwadi,  Sarkekhej,  Sanand High Way,  Ahmedabad.
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