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Date: 7/31/2012 2:50:28 AM
Subject: RE: Greetings from Dr prakash shah


Dear Dr. Prakash,


How are you?  Some good news. I had an appointment with my Kidney Doctor last Thursday and my protein in the urine issue is getting much better.  My 24 hour urine test is in the normal range now. The normal is less than 250mg of protein in the 24 hour urine and I have 108mg. It’s in the normal range now but I hope to get it even lower. 


Do you think my kidney is already completely heal?  I am on medicine #55 now so I only have #56 to #59 and I will finished the two courses of the medicine.  But because I delay for almost a year to start the first course, you told me to skip #11, #22 and #33 which are for 30 days each and you said those were supportive medicine and told me to hold on to them and maybe for later use.


I want to keep my health up and think I need more active medicine to support my kidney and overall health. Dr. Prakash, do you think I should take another course of 6 month of medicine from you? I want to be completely heal and you have been doing wonder for me.


Dr. Prakash, thank you so much for all your help throughout the last year.  You have been a friend, a mentor, a great doctor who actually cares about people rather than making money of them.   Now with  approve from my 24 hour urine test after taking the medicine for the last 7 months that my test is now in the normal range, that’s just amazing. You are giving my life back. I feel like I have so much to thank for. I think God for somehow finding you on the internet and thank God for you to be such a caring and great doctor to actually help me recover my life.


Please let me know what to do next.


Thank you again Dr. Prakash,


Dear Dr. Prakash,


Someone has come to me asking about you. Just FYI, I replied with the below. You have been an amazing doctor to me and I hope you can help this person.




Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2012 6:57 PM

Subject: RE: Reference Dr. Prakash Shah


Hi Girish,

Sorry to hear about your relatives having kidney issues.   Yes I have been a patient of Dr. Prakash Shah for almost 2 years now.  I have protein in my urine which indicates Kidney damage and issue and no matter which doctor here in the United States I seen have not been able to help much. After doing a lot of research, I started looking at alternative natural medicine and doctors who are good at it.  I found Dr. Prakash Shan from an article he wrote on how he cured his Nephew’s Nephrotic Syndrome on medical travel website placidway.com. I decided to contact Dr. Prakash Shan and he got back right away with all the info that I needed to know and I had a phone interview with him for him to take my health record and any question I might have. Dr. Prakash is very patient and knowledge. Still, being I am in New York and he’s at India, I was still very skeptic. I spoke to the people running Placidway.com and they confirmed he’s a real doctor and a good one so I order a course of treatment from him, it consist of Homeopathy medicine and Ayurvedic medicine , the course of medicine is for 6 months and only 500 dollars, I couldn’t believe he charge only little money for 6 months of treatment.  After I got the medicine, I was scare to try and I didn’t start for 9 months and all these time, I keep seeing the doctors here in New York but blood test and urine test show my kidney is getting worse, so desperately, I contact Dr. Prakash by email again explaining to him that I was sorry, I didn’t use his medicine all these 9 months that I had bought it but he was such a nice person  and he explained he understood my concern. I asked if the medicine already expired and whether I should pay another 500 dolllars and get new medicine and Dr. Prakash said his medicine is natural and had no expiration date but because my condition is worse now, he adjusted the order of the medicine so I started taking it, after the 6 months of medicine, my condition seems to be getting better and I ordered another course of treatment, again, 500 dollars for 6 months of treatment and I finished it about 5 months ago, and went for a blood and urine test with my kidney here. All my test after taking 12 months (two courses) of treatment now show normal range. The kidney doctor here said my health and kidney seem to be ok now. I emailed Dr. Prakash with the good news and he told me to take another course of 6 months of medicine and I should fully restore health, I am already 4 months into it and two more months I will finish the 3rd course of treatment and Dr. Prakash said I don’t need to take any medicine anymore because my health and kidney had restored to full function.


During all these times,  Dr. Prakash has been so patient and so response and give me all the answer I wanted.  He is such a great and honest person, not just a great doctor.  He’s like a friend to me now and I am planning to keep him as my doctor in the future should I have any medical issues.


Don’t wait, please go see Dr. Prakash Shan now, he’s the best doctor I never know and he uses natural medicine which have no side effect. You will be amazed on how well Dr. Prakash Shan can treat you.  Yes I Would genuinely recommend Dr. Shah for your relative's kidney treatment base on the successfully treatment he’s done for me.  And I have no doubt Dr. Prakash would be able to help your relative’s kidney issue.  He really cares about helping people and he charge so little money on it too which is amazing.


Are you and your relative base on Indian?  Or you will be doing tele medicine and getting treatment from Dr. Prakash remotely like I am?


Attached is the last email I communicated with Dr, Prakash which he recommended that after I finish the 3rd course of medicine, I will not need to take any more medicine.  I hope this help take away any doubt you might have on seeking treatment from the amazing Dr. Prakash.


Please don’t hesitate,, go see Dr. Prakash ASAP.  I hesitated at the beginning and I wasted 9 months not taking the medicine although I already bought it which made my kidney worse but with Dr, Prakash adjusting the medicine, I still had an amazing treatment that so far seem to work as test show my kidney function are normal and protein in urine level is normal.


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Please note that everything I said is solely base on my own experience with Dr. Prakash and the way he helped my kidney condition.




Sent: Saturday, November 03, 2012 12:17 PM
Subject: Reference Dr. Prakash Shah


Dear Kin Ng,


Hello, My name is Girish.

I am writing to get your opinion on your experience with Dr. Prakash Shah in India.
One of my relatives is planning on visiting him for kidney treatment. During discussion with him, Dr. Shah gave your reference as a successful patient whom he has cured. 

I sincerely hope prompt recovery and good health to you. 

I was wondering if you would be able to offer frank advise on Dr. Prakash Shah's treatment. How did you find his reference? How confident are you about his treatment? We are hoping to find a good doctor who can offer successful treatment to my relative.


Would you genuinely recommend Dr. Shah for my relative's kidney treatment?
Since you have experience with Dr. Shah, any advise from you would help us a lot. 

Look forward to your thoughts.


With warm regards,


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