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How to start Treatment

  First of all I assure you that I will be true, honest and sincere to you. I will treat you with the best of my ability.  
For more than 37 years I have been dealing intensively and with great commitment to my patients. All through these years, I have been constantly finding new and new solutions and approach for making easy solutions to the problems of chronic diseases and infertility. I offer completely good scope for solution of chronic diseases to give final result, at almost very low cost and that too in less time.
It is easy for you to read, understand, and act upon this page. This is the same as if I am explaining these ideas to you, while sitting at kitchen table - The kind of advice that you can count on. I've done all the work for you. You could just take advantage of all the blood, sweat, and tears I've shed for years. In fact, I guarantee you're going to get all the results you want - Exactly what you need.
With a Doctor you will get guide / teacher who can understand the root cause of your problem and treat not only the problem but to teach the way you should live - A person who can improve the quality of your life by applying easy and economical methods.
  I have hobby to treat chronic diseases patients and I gets satisfaction of life when my patients gets success with such a simple advice when most powerful research does not or have not give desired results.  
  Of course money is a way of transaction but I do not treat my patient for money only. I am not at all money minded. I always keep humane approach. I enjoy much more when by my treatment women conceive or chronic disease patient gets total cure.  

previous examinations notes – investigations reports and other case papers notes by any previous Medical Practioners are important and considered by me. So if possible scan and email all previous records.

  Once I receive information, I will soon analyze, and then I will communicate to the patient, to call me on my phone number. At which time I will open software. I will note down each and every symptoms, as asked on phone, directly on the software, to get required line of approach. This will have absolutely personalized approach and the management will be specific for that particular patient only.  
  Once the diagnosis and line of treatment is established, I will communicate about the charges for management.  
  Here my intention is to take as less charges as possible from patients. I believe that I have got special study and knowledge about the subject and let more people take advantage of it. I will be get pride, if by my treatment patients gets cure. And that satisfaction is much more for me than charges.  
  Once this charge is deposited in my bank accounts, I will mail the medicines and all required information of how to take it on the address given. There is no doubt that medicine not reaching the patient’s door step. I have got very reliable courier service for world over delivery of parcels.  
  Homeopathic and any medicine of alternative therapy are free from side-effects.  
  My is tele-medicines and after detailed work up from you I will send medicines at your door step, which can work miracle for you. Only thing I require is your faith.  
  This will be not only being economical but through, perfect and custom made for you and you only. You have not to go anywhere, just stay at home and follow the instructions given by me.  


Final working method:


Send the previous reports and all relevant papers by email if you have.  (another alternate email address is: prakashbaroda45@gmail.com )


After studying the previous papers, I may ask for more information on email and in the same email - I will let you know the exact time for you to call me.


At which time, I will open my software and take detail history and record on computer.


I will analyze and study. Then I will come to final diagnosis and by email I will inform you, how to proceed and also to deposit the charges in my bank account.


After confirmation from bank about deposit of required amount, I will send the medicine by post with details of instructions, how to use the medicine and other relevant information for cure.


Even after that, if any quarries are there, you can email me or talk to me on phone.


If you were to change your life forever and make yourself healthy, you might notice that when you take treatment by combined approach of all alternative medicines how easily those changes can occur. You might notice amazing results to the point where you feel wonderful with this treatment. This is my assurance and commitment to you.

Your few rupees or dollar is not going to change my life. But my commitment will definitely change your life. I have faith in myself to make you healthy. I am serious.

I always will be willing to work for you and I have my inner wish that you should be in perfect health. It is fine with me. I'm happy here to help you any day. When I am curing so many patients, I will have a chance to help. For medical things earliest is better. Taking decision is most crucial. This is question of our life. Any other matter is minor.

If you want, you can ask any of my advice or guidance at any moment, without any hesitation, and I will be true, sincere and honest to provide. I will always search an opportunity to work for you. It will be my good luck to work for you. You are very dear to me. And I hold in very high respect.
  FAQ - How can you treat a patient on long distance basis without examining?  

This is beauty of alternative medicines.

See any bodily internal disharmony is resulted in symptom – suffering. Symptom – suffering is language of body for internal disturbances and if you follow this language you can never be wrong in diagnosis and treatment.

Now a day with improved communication you can get symptoms from any part of world on phone. I have special German software. On phone when I ask medical history – I go in details of all systems of body. I also record it on this software. And this gives me final perfect diagnosis and medicines to be given. This management is so specific and custom made for patient that any allopathic way of treatment does not match to these specifications.

I am allopathic post graduate, senior, ob/gyn, practioners and now taking help of alternative medicines. So I assure of results as I have such long continuous study and experience.

In modern allopathic science symptoms are neglected and medical reports are given priority. We get brilliant diagnosis but we do not get good results of treatment or cure. By allopathy, treatment is almost not result oriented - it does not give desire result, it is time consuming and expensive, also side effects of drugs are problematic.

It is really better if you come and talk to me face to face. But how much efforts you have to put in?-question of lot of money and time. And again the results will be the same whether you talk on phone or talk personally.  Certainly for treatment of chronic diseases and infertility you need not have to come. Each and every information what I want for total cure I can get on phone.

Only when you require surgery or invasive investigative procedures you need to meet doctor. But alternative medicines can avoid any surgery. Certainly surgery has no place in alternative medicines. Do not undergo any unnecessary surgeries when you can be cured by simple way.

I only tell you just do not wonder from here and there and also do not spend unnecessary time and money. Combined approach of all alternative medicine can only give you desired effects. Have trust and confidence - I assure

I am treating patients’ world over and most of my patients gets well. I can treat any diseases from my clinic. I can prepare alternative medicines just the exact as it can be personally done.

Now I feel this explanation should be sufficient to convince you and if you are not convinced than it is even GOD who will not be able to convince you. My only advice is, not be so critical. And start treatment with least trouble and see the power of alternative medicines. Do not be so suspicious. One trial is absolutely useful before undergoing any major surgical procedure.
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