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Know How of Alternative Medicine


Alternative medicine is a group of diverse medical and health care systems - various systems of medicine that are not presently considered to be part of mainstream medical care. Examples of alternative medical systems include Ayurveda, homeopathic medicine, Chinese herbal Medicine, naturopathic medicine… so on.

It is noted that whenever any bodily ailment is there, more commonly people think on modern medical – allopathic – aspects only. Because we are filled with information’s of modern medicine only and hardly we have knowledge of alternative medicine. In all medical colleges only modern medical science (allopathy) is being taught. In modern medical sciences college alternative medicine is not being taught. Also in many countries all alternative medicine is not recognized. Also guidance and treatment with alternative medicine is not available so easily. So for their bodily ailments, very few people think on the line of alternative medicines. Few do not have any idea about existence of alternative medicines!

In 1997, in USA, 627 million visited to practitioners of alternative medicine and spent $27 billion of their own money to pay for alternative therapies. It is estimated, by none other than the Harvard Medical School, Boston that one out of every two persons in the United States between the ages of 35 and 49 years used at least one alternative therapy in 1997 In Australia 57 percent of the population now use some form of Alternative medicine, in Germany 46 percent do, and in France 49 percent do.

Survey in 1991 and in 1997 indicated the use of herbal medicines in the United States grew by 380 per cent.
  How does alternative medicine differ from present medical care system (Conventional medicine)?  
  1. Conventional medicine believes in specifically targeting the organ. Conventional medicine is organ specific; hence specialists and super specialists like ophthalmologists, cardiologists, nephrologists, neurologists… etc. Alternative medicine considers each person as a one body.
  2. The philosophy behind Alternative medicine is that Nature includes all human bodies and nature has all the ingredients to treat any human diseases. Alternative medicine utilizes life energy for cure, Corrects imbalances of life and strengthening of this life energy is the ultimate goal of alternative medicine.
  3. Alternative medicine believes in gentle, long-term support to enable the body's own innate powers to do the healing so there is harmless approach. Conventional medicine believes in aggressive approach so the drugs can have toxic reactions.
  4. In modern medical care system focus is often on treating the disease and not the person. Alternative medicine goes with the depth of diseases, mental and physical matters are taken into considerations.
  5. Unnecessary investigation and procedures, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, and powerful pharmaceutical drugs of conventional medicine can be avoided by alternative medicine. Even many major and minor surgeries can be also be avoided.
  6. For alternative medicine pharmaceutical and other allied medical industrial complex is no concern so it is much economical. Alternative medicine is devoid of propaganda budget for hospital and doctors so again it is much economical.
  7. Hospital infections, surgery complications, adverse drug reactions cause iatrogenic diseases and are cause of death. While in alternative medicines there is no death due to its practice. It is harmless - Many alternative medicinal substances do not come with in the preview of FDA.
  8. Conventional medicine is preferred in the treatment of trauma and emergencies while alternative medicine excels in the treatment of chronic disease.
  9. Allopathic drug provides symptomatic relief while natural remedy is intended to remove root cause of the disease. - We must have eye to see it, see each system with respect and do not consider this as fake.
  How does alternative work? What is the basis of alternative medicine?  

Very generally, human body is considered and is integrated as whole substance, and it interacts with its environment. Human body is constituent of nature only. When body reacts to some aspect of environment - stress, food, pollutants, climate, medicine, etc – correction of homeostasis- body reaction starts and body tries to neutralize the reactants. This produces the symptoms and disease is generated. This production of symptoms for the same environmental reasons varies from individual to individual according to one’s constitution. So cause is environment but symptoms are widespread. This means that treatments should be based on all symptoms of the patient

You must be knowing that in Far East countries like Japan – Taiwan –Korea – china. - People lives for long years and they are healthy. WHY? Because they do not have the systems of medical care as we have got. They first depend on their herbal medicine. They believe in nature. We also see that some of our sadhus are live like miracle.
Like all other animal the healing forces are present within the body, and the physician's role should be to assist the body’s natural state of homeostasis by cooperating with bodies efforts to heal it.

Cooperate with the body's restorative powers. Health lies on the relationship within the organism, -- between mind & body, as well as the relationship between the body & the universe. When disruption of this relationship occurs, try to restore body’s equilibrium through the use of preventative & curative efforts. We need to know how to cooperate with the body's restorative powers.

When illnesses are not infectious, but due to body degeneration like heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, (chronic diseases)…etc most of today's allopathic drugs don't correct them. This is where we must have to adjust our thinking toward consideration of the other system of medicine. By our experience we know that long-term use of drugs ensures that people never get quite better, and slowly deteriorate due to side effects of the drugs, developing of poor immune function, advancing age problem and as time goes by, more problems are “discovered,” so more drugs are prescribed. At some point the conditions can become so severe that the only option available is surgery or do nothing and just wait.

Alternative medicine makes body in absolutely natural condition – physically and spiritually Alternative medicine in any form of practice is outside the realm of conventional modern medicine Practioners. If specialist is trained in one specialty, he/she will practice more in that system only. Meaning allopathic doctor will treat only on line of allopathic knowledge; homeopath will treat only on homeopathic way only & so on. Combined approach of all system of medicine requires vast education – training and experience. A consideration of combinations of alternative medicine covers a broad range of healing philosophies, approaches, and therapies which will give definite and good results.
  In cases of (think of alternative medicine in following)  
  • Multiple organ involvement of disease
  • When you have been treated right but still improvement is not satisfactory
  • When desired drugs are not showing proper action.
  • Improvement is not as per expectation.
  • Before any major operations.
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